"Even if you are a seasoned tax veteran, with credentials and licenses in abundance, you simply can’t know it all when it comes to tax resolution services. Unless you have logged 40 or 50 compensation cases with the IRS, I strongly recommend that you seek an experienced professional to guide you through the rough terrain you will undoubtedly experience during the process. Stephen Kirkland is the professional I chose after interviewing attorneys, CPAs, and other consultants. The case that he exemplified his talents in was a large construction company (that was a C-corporation), two family partnerships, and the owner’s personal income tax return for 2007. The issues were potentially unreasonable compensation (in excess of $1,800,000) and undocumented shareholder loans (in excess of $1,300,000). The final outcome for the Client was much better than we expected based on these facts. With Stephen’s guidance, and learned case management techniques, we were able to work with the IRS without the usual relationship discomfort. The final outcome was a very small assessment for an agreed-upon corporate dividend to the Shareholder that would have otherwise been taxed at the 35% rate. My client was very pleased. Stephen is a true compensation expert who also understands the complex tax issues. He responded to every request promptly."


The PM Group-Arizona, Ltd.
Scottsdale, Arizona